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Dexterity is a platform that uses machine learning and data-intensive analytical tools; it provides hindsight, insight, and foresight into the complexities of watershed health. It was created for experts and users interested in visualizing watershed trends and impacts in real-time. 


Clients: Pollution Probe & The Council of the Great Lakes Region


My role as a UX/UI Designer

I was engaged in the project while the development team was already working; they needed some visuals and guidance with specific flows, a revamp of the logo, and support with the look and feel of the website.

My work was to connect with stakeholders and the development team to design the new UI elements and features and facilitate the HTML/CSS files.

Landing Page  •  Web Responsive  •  Branding  •  Wireframes  •  Flows  •  User Interface  • Prototyping

Notable user journeys - Features

The platform's features were one of the most complex parts of the project since it included filters, indicators, ranges, components, and different graphics that needed to be displayed.


Dashboard page
analyze page


Predict page
Predict graphic page


Prescribe page
Prescribe graphic page


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