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TicketWindow UX


TicketWindow UX is a project created to connect local artists, promoters, and event producers and help them stream their events live. The platform allows artists and promoters to build their events and cameras and sell tickets for streaming concerts, and viewers/patrons to access and buy tickets. It will also include the option to create events in physical spaces, but that was outside the scope.

Client: TicketWindow Inc.

My role

I was the only designer on the team; my work was to connect with stakeholders and analyze the business requirements, the user needs, and the viability of the features with the development team.  I was involved in everything from supporting copy, icons and assets design, landing pages, and creating personas, user journeys, flows, and wireframes to final UI designs for development.

Landing Page  •  Web Responsive  •  Personas  •  Wireframes  •  Flows  •  User Interface  • Prototyping

Notable user flows - Patrons

Checkout and Order confirmation

ticket window 2.jpeg

Orders list and Actions

Notable user flows - Artists and Promoters

The design of the platform includes all the necessary steps to successfully set up and publish an event. This includes adding imagery, videos, text descriptions, camera views, ticketing, and roles for all the individuals involved. Given the constraints of the project, such as physical venues, budgets, and technical aspects, we prioritized the flow of events set up for the streaming option.

Event page set up

Events page

Coupon set up

Coupon page

Tickets and pricing

Tickets page

Manage roles page

Roles page


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